2 Ways That Pre-Orthodontic Care Can Prevent Serious Dental Problems

If you have a young child that is probably going to need braces, then you should get a head start by going to an orthodontist for pre-orthodontic care. This is a newer concept to some, but it is very effective and can reduce the need for braces altogether. Here are 2 ways that pre-orthodontic care can prevent serious dental problems in the future.

Open Bites

First, pre-treatment can reduce serious jaw issues that are either hereditary or that have developed over time. If a child drinks from a bottle for too many years or sucks his or her thumb, this can lead to an open bite that makes the back teeth touch but not the front teeth.

When this happens, your child will not be able to bite things with the front teeth. Eventually, an open bite can lead to extra wear on the back teeth, and these teeth may need to be replaced at some point. 

In order to prevent such a serious issue, the orthodontist can have your child do jaw exercises that will slowly bring the front of the jaw down. He or she may also need surgical screw and plate implants that can be used with brackets to rotate the jaw, and this will fix the problem as well.

If your child's bit is crooked instead of open, the orthodontist can give your child a button to hold between the top and bottom lips. This will shift the bottom jaw forward so that everything is aligned properly again.

Crowded Teeth

Second, crowded teeth can become a real problem because they can cause cavities, since brushing and flossing between these teeth is difficult. If your child's adult teeth are quite large and are coming in crooked, this should be a huge sign that your child needs pre-treatment.

To fix some of the crowding that occurs without the use of braces, the orthodontist will use a palatal expander. This device is attached to a couple of the top molars, and your child will use a key to turn the expander just a tiny bit each day. By doing so, the palate will get bigger and will have plenty of room for all of the teeth.

This will reduce the need for braces in many instances, and cavities will be far less likely to form because your child can brush adequately.

Pre-treatment is a must if your child is showing signs of dental issues at an early age, so seek the needed attention before it is too late. For more information, contact Crest Hill Family Dental or a similar location.

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