3 Things To Know Before You Get Your Teeth Whitened

Thinking about having a professional tooth whitening procedure done as a means of brightening your teeth and achieving a radiant smile? If so, then you're not alone. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Before you decide to have your teeth professionally whitened, however, there are just a few things you'll want to be aware of.

You Might Need More Than One Procedure

First of all, if this is going to be your first time whitening your teeth, understand that one whitening session might not be enough to get your teeth looking the most brilliant shade of white possible. Instead, your cosmetic dentist might recommend that you come back in for a follow-up procedure. This is especially common among heavy coffee drinkers, who may have deep stains that require a little extra time and effort to remove. 

And even once your teeth are your ideal shade of white, they're not going to stay that way forever. Your dentist will let you know how often you can safety whiten your teeth, but it'll probably be once every year for the best results.

Whitening Won't Take Away Imperfections

Many people go into a teeth whitening session with the assumption that having whiter teeth is going to mask any other visible imperfections their teeth may have. However, this typically isn't the case. In fact, the exact opposite can be true. Any imperfections in your teeth may be even more visible when your teeth are whitened. For example, if you have discolored spots on your teeth, whitening usually won't even those out; instead, the spots will remain and may even become more visible.

Not Everybody Is A Good Candidate

Finally, understand that not everybody is a candidate for professional tooth whitening. For starters, pregnant women and women who are currently breastfeeding should not have teeth whitening procedures done until after they're done breastfeeding or have given birth. Furthermore, people who have certain allergies to the chemicals used in teeth whitening (such as peroxide) may also not be viable candidates for teeth whitening. The same goes for those with extremely sensitive gums. Ultimately, only your dentist will be able to say with confidence whether or not teeth whitening is a good idea for you.

Overall, teeth whitening can be a great way to achieve a more vibrant smile, but by being aware of these facts, you'll have a better idea of what to expect. For more information, contact a specialist like Front Royal Dental.

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