Three Reasons Why You Should Have A 24 Hour Dentist's Business Card In Your Wallet

Your regular dentist can handle almost every conceivable problem you have with your teeth. In fact, you probably do not feel the need to have any other oral health care professional. However, there are actually some very valid reasons for having the contact info for a 24 hour dentist in your pocket.

1. Your Regular Dentist Is Unavailable for Emergency Tooth Repair at 3am

Sometimes you should have stayed in on your Saturday night rather than going out. A broken tooth from a brawl at 3am is not something your regular dentist can tend to, but an emergency dentist can. Knowing such a dentist and being able to call him or her soon after the tooth is broken is paramount to fixing and healing the tooth. Your alternative means that the broken tooth would die, rot and have to be removed.

2. Car Accidents Can Take All of Your Teeth

When you are rushed into the emergency room after a severe car accident, and your teeth have been badly damaged or knocked out in the crash, it is your emergency dentist who will put them back. Granted, the emergency responders have to find the teeth, get them on ice and then get them to the hospital on time, but they may all be repaired and/or replaced. Since such accidents occur when most family dentists do not have office hours, it is the 24-hour emergency dentist that will respond to your calls if you are alert enough and able enough to make the request. Otherwise, that dentist's business card in your wallet may be the only thing you can use to tell the EMTs and emergency room doctors who you want to work on your teeth.

3. Somebody You Know and Love Might Need That Information/Dentist

When it is not you personally that is in dental trouble, but someone you know and love, then that dentist's card in your wallet could make all the difference. A child of yours or a spouse whose teeth might be removed entirely because the emergency doctors need to cauterize and stitch up oral wounds could be turned around for the better. Instead, the emergency dentist, whose card you are carrying, could step into the ER surgical theater as a consultant, if not a surgeon as well. Then your loved one's teeth could be saved and the damaged tissues repaired in a different way that would allow him or her a more normal recovery.

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