Reasons For And Problems Of Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be functional problem for many and for others a cosmetic problem. If you think your teeth are crooked, then you may have wondered why and what you can do about it. Perhaps you think your teeth are straight, but you have problems with biting or talking. If you're having problems with your teeth or how they look and think your tooth might need straightening, here is more information about why teeth are crooked and what types of options are available.

Why do teeth come in crooked?

There's a lot of debate as to why teeth come in crooked, and there's no one definitive answer. One suggestion is that tooth straightness is genetic. That is, if your parents or grandparents had crooked teeth, then you may have crooked teeth. Other contributors may also include breathing through your mouth or thumb sucking. Some theories also point to modern foods that lack nutrition. Trauma to the jaw area will also knock teeth out of alignment.

How do I know if I have crooked teeth?

While this may seem obvious to some, others may not know that they have a problem with alignment or crooked teeth because their front teeth are fairly straight. If you look closely at the bite of your entire set of teeth, you may find that some don't quite fit together right. Another sign is that you might bite your lip of the sides of your mouth often. Your teeth may also appear crowded, and it may be difficult to floss through some of them. Some people with crooked teeth hear jaw popping while they chew.

What problems can crooked teeth cause?

Many people have crooked teeth and do fine with them, at least while they're young, but find that they have problems later. You may find that crooked teeth can be hard to clean and this may result in more gum disease or cavities. They may also cause problems with chewing and can cause unusual tooth wear or even a risk of breakage. Misalignment can also cause tiredness while chewing. Cooked teeth may also have an effect on your appearance.

The good thing is that there are options to fix your teeth if you think they don't look good or if you're having problems with your bite. Some options may require surgery while others mean only wearing a retainer or even correcting the issue with veneers, if your problem is minor. Though these options can be performed on adults, the earlier you have them done, the better. If you feel that you have crooked teeth that are causing your issues, then contact a dentist to have your teeth checked out.

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