Refuting Common Pediatric Dental Myths For New Parents

Being a new parent will require you to learn about meeting the health care needs for your new child. While many new parents will appreciate the importance of taking their child to a pediatrician on a regular basis, they may not be as attentive when it concerns their child's dental health needs. In order to better protect your child's oral health, you should be aware of the following few common pediatric dental myths.

Myth: Children Do Not Require Oral Health Care Until Their First Teeth Develop

There are some parents that may be under the belief that their child will not require regular dental care until they have started to develop teeth. Sadly, this can cause well-meaning parents to neglect their child's gums, which can lead to the development of gum disease. To minimize this risk, you should use a specially designed pediatric toothbrush or a soft cloth to gently clean your child's gums each night. This should be done until teeth develop at which point your child can start brushing.

Myth: Braces Are The Only Option For Straightening Your Child's Misaligned Teeth

It is a fact of life that there are a number of developmental issues that may cause your child's teeth to become crooked. While braces can be an effective treatment for this problem, there are many parents that would rather avoid this treatment due to concerns about embarrassment and self-esteem issues. Luckily, your child may be able to minimize any self-esteem problems caused by this treatment with clear straightening retainers. These retainers move the teeth into the correct positioned, but they are far more discreet than traditional braces. In fact, these retainers can be removed whenever your child needs to speak in front of the class or eat lunch.

Myth: It Does Not Matter If Your Child's Premature Teeth Suffer Chips Or Cracks

As your child grows, their premature teeth may suffer a number of damages. For example, it is possible for your child to fall and crack or chip these teeth. While it may not seem like this would be a serious issue as these teeth will eventually fall out, it can lead to complications. This can occur due to the damaged tooth being more likely to fall out or become infected. If this occurs, the health of the surrounding teeth may be compromised. As a result, you should always have teeth that have suffered this damage filled as quickly as possible to minimize this potential risk.

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