Tooth Abscess 101: Questions For Worried Sufferers

If there is one dental situation that can be scary, and not to mention, painful, it is an abscessed tooth. Dental abscesses are an infected tooth that can be associated with extreme toothaches, pus-filled pimples on the soft tissue near the tooth, and even pain in the throat or neck. If you have an abscessed tooth, your first line of action should always be to get to a dentist. However, dealing with the problem until you can be seen can be alarming and frustrating. Here is a quick look at a few of the most common questions about an abscessed tooth and the answers you should know.

Should you pop a pimple if you see one near the tooth?

When the tooth has abscessed, your body will often try to create a place for the infection to be released, which may mean you see odd pimple-like bumps come up on the roof of your mouth or around the tooth on your gums. These are essentially pimples filled with infection and probably look like they should be popped. But, popping an abscess pimple is not a good idea inside of your mouth. This opens up a pathway to the inside of your body that can further exacerbate the infection. If the pimple pops on its own, rinse your mouth well with stay alert to signs the infection is growing worse, such as swelling and fever. 

Is it true that an abscessed tooth can be dangerous?

An abscessed tooth can definitely be a dangerous situation because this is a form of infection in the body. If left untreated and the infection is bad enough, it can spread to your bloodstream and even to your bones. However, this would be a rare thing to occur for most people. Nevertheless, seeking treatment with your dentist is an absolute must with an abscessed tooth. 

What are some symptoms of an abscessed tooth that should be indication to seek emergency care?

It is a common misconception that any time you have a dental abscess, it is considered an emergency. While the truth is indeed that you need dental attention right away, in most cases, you will be fine to wait until your dental appointment, such as at Randolph Dental Group. However, if you start to develop a fever, notice swelling in your face, neck, or throat, or your pain is really severe, visiting an emergency care center for treatment is the best idea. 

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