2 Oral Rinses To Help Your Teen Keep Their Gums Bacteria Free After A Bone Graft For A Single Dental Implant

Bone grafting is commonly used in single dental implant placements. Grafting is common in individuals who have lost a large amount of gum tissue due to a severe dental infection or poor weak gum tissue. If your teen is identified as a candidate for a bone grafting procedure, then the aftercare is incredibly important. The aftercare of a bone grafting procedure sets the foundation for how well your teen's dental implant will perform once it is installed. One of the biggest factors that can thwart this process, is a dental infection. Fortunately, there are a few oral rinses you can add to your teen's dental routine in order to get rid of potential infections.

Catuaba Rinse

Catuaba is often used as a cleansing herb because of its antibacterial properties. It helps to get rid of any kind of infection. The bark of the herb is most commonly used. You can find Catuaba in its dried form. In order to make the Catuaba rinse, take two tablespoons of the herb and add it to a cup of hot water along with two lemon slices. Cover the cup and sit it on your kitchen counter for a few minutes. If you can allow it to soak overnight, then this will increase the strength of the rinse. Give the rinse to your teen to use immediately after their procedure. The rinse should be used after meals to ensure that the surgical site remains clean.

Horseradish Root

You may be familiar with horseradish and its use in various dishes. However, the root is frequently used for medicinal purposes in order to kill off bacteria. When used as a part of your teen's dental care, it will work to keep their gums infection free. You can find horseradish root ground up in its dried state. Start by boiling a pot of hot water on the stove and add a few spoonfuls of the powder to the water. Allow the water to simmer at low heat for a few minutes, Once done, use a fine strainer to remove any large pieces of the root. Add a bit of lime and lemon juice in order to mask the taste. Instruct your teen to use it first thing in the morning and before bed.

Gum infection is common if your teen does not practice good oral care after their bone graft. Make these oral rinses for them to help them avoid this.

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