About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used to help you with a lot of dental issues. If you have a chipped tooth, a broken tooth or a weak tooth that is at risk of breaking, then you may be a good candidate for going with a dental crown. Of course, crowns can also be used for other dental issues as well, such as when you have a cavity or other problem. Here are some things you should familiarize yourself with about dental crowns.

Dental crowns can be chosen in different types of materials

If you do decide to have dental crowns put in as the chosen form of treatment for things that you have wrong with one or more of your teeth, then you want to make sure you go with the type of material that works the best for you and your needs. You can go with different types of metal, such as stainless steel, gold, nickel, palladium, or chromium alloy.

You can also choose to go with dental crowns that are made out of just porcelain. However, it is advisable to opt for metal ones because they will offer you more strength than ones made purely out of the porcelain material. Porcelain will generally be put over the metal, so your crown looks just like a tooth unless you choose to go with a metal looking crown.

Dental crowns can be connected to other dental appliances

You may be able to have your dental crowns used in conjunction with other dental appliances. For example, you may need a full tooth replacement, and if this is the case, then you may opt for a dental implant which can best be described as a crown with a post that is permanently fused to your jawbone. You may also decide to go with a bridge if you are missing one or more teeth and this will be a combination of crowns that go on one or more anchoring teeth and a replacement tooth.

You have some other options available with crowns

Aside from choosing a crown made from a certain metal or porcelain, you can also choose other options that allow you to personalize your crowns. You can request them to be made so that both the porcelain and the metal are visible or you can even have them made with a small tattoo inlayed in them. Choose your tattoo carefully, so it is visible and doesn't just look like food stuck in a tooth.

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