Seeing Your Dentist Soon? Myths Busted About Getting a Dental Crown

Enjoying good dental health will take work. It's important to visit the dentist biannually to have a thorough cleaning and evaluation of your teeth. If you've been advised by your dentist to get a dental crown, you may experience some anxiety. However, the key to feeling better about this procedure may rest in knowing several myths that are floating around about a crown.

1. Easy to stain

Keeping your smile bright and white can allow you to look more attractive. The last thing you'll want to do is have a great deal of staining on your new crown.

However, many individuals mistakenly think that crowns are easy to stain with foods and drinks. Fortunately, this is a myth that typically won't apply to this situation.

2. Won't break or chip

As much as you'd like to avoid issues with your existing teeth or dental work, this is nearly impossible to do. Be wary of any dental professional that states your crown won't ever chip because this can happen.

Of course, taking the best care of your teeth is the ideal way to avoid some issues that may occur in time. Brushing and flossing daily is your best dental defense against problems.

3. Fake appearance

The last thing you may want your teeth to do is to have an unrealistic appearance. You may go to a great deal of trouble to be certain your teeth look real.

If you ever hear that dental crowns look fake, you can count on this being a myth. It can be nearly impossible for others to know that you've had any dental work at all when you get a crown.

4. Restorative use only

While it's quite common for many people to require this dental process due to decay, this isn't the only reason for having it. Teeth can become worn out over the years, and making an effort to rebuild a tooth with a crown is ideal.

Another reason it may be necessary to schedule time for this procedure is that of an injury. Playing many sports can lead to dental injuries that may require a crown.

Are you ready to get to the facts and dissolve the myths concerning this method of dental care? Doing this may provide you with the confidence and knowledge that will prepare you for this appointment. Don't let fear get you down or discourage you from having this necessary dental task done. Bust the myths and see your dentist today! 

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