Tips For Picking Your Kid's Toothbrush

It's the parent's job to make sure that their child is brushing their teeth properly, and it starts with getting them the right kind of toothbrush. While you may be tempted to give them whatever free brush was picked up at the last dental cleaning, you could improve their oral health by picking the right kind of toothbrush. Here are some tips to follow that will help.

The Size

Children have mouths that are much smaller than adults, and they requires a different size toothbrush with a smaller head. You can easily start with the smallest toothbrush head when a child is very young, and keep moving up in size as they get older.

The size of the head should be small enough to reach the back of the child's teeth, and cover one or two of their teeth at once. If the head of the toothbrush is too large, the child won't be able to get behind their rear teeth. It also helps for the brush to have a smaller handle so that it much easier for a child to handle the toothbrush when brushing.

The Bristles

Harsh bristles do not always means that they are going to get their teeth any cleaner. In fact, hard bristles can cause damage to a child's gums, damage the tooth enamel, and be a reason that they experience tooth sensitivity. That is why it helps to give them a brush that has soft bristles that will be easier on their gums and tooth enamel.

In addition, teach the child that how long they brush and the motions they use will be more effective than harsh brushing with hard bristles. Try to get your child to brush for at least two minutes in the morning and evening.

The Motion

If your child is having problems brushing their teeth with proper motions, consider switching to an automatic toothbrush that will help move their teeth for them. Electric toothbrushes for children even have built-in timers that alert your child that they are done brushing for the required two minutes. The fun of using an electric toothbrush can even encourage brushing for kids that do not like it.

Need more tips on how to help your child brush their teeth? Be sure to ask your child's dentist at their next cleaning and checkup. They can even have your child demonstrate how they brush their teeth so that the dentist can make suggestions based on how they do it. Contact a dental office, like University Dental Group PA, to make an appointment soon.

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