Top Ways to Achieve Whiter Teeth

A lot of people are not satisfied with their smiles due to the color of their teeth. Discoloration of teeth is something that affects most people to some extent, yet it is something that your dentist can fix if you desire whiter teeth. If you have discolored teeth and want to have whiter teeth, there are several different types of procedures that dentists offer that may help you achieve this goal, and here are some of the options available.


The first option is designed to remove light staining that occurs on the outer parts of teeth from beverages people consume or tobacco products. Smoking or drinking coffee each day can lead to discoloration of the teeth, but these stains are usually on the exterior parts of teeth only. If your teeth are stained from these things, your dentist might be able to remove them through a process that involves abrasion. Abrasion involves the use of a machine that sprays highly pressurized water onto the teeth. This pressure is enough to remove minor stains, and it is ideal for anyone who needs minor changes to the color of their teeth.

Teeth whitening

A second option you have to achieve whiter teeth is teeth whitening, often called teeth bleaching. Teeth bleaching involves placing some type of whitening solution on your teeth and then allowing it to penetrate into your teeth. In many cases, a dentist will use a special type of light during this procedure, and this light helps activate the solution. Teeth whitening will drastically improve the color of your teeth, and this option works well for staining that is primarily on the outside of teeth.

Dental bonding

If you have major staining on your teeth, and if the stains are primarily intrinsic (on the inner parts of your teeth), your dentist might suggest using dental bonding to fix the problem. This procedure involves placing a material over your teeth, and this is the same material used for filling in cavities. The benefit of this is that you can cover up teeth that have intrinsic stains, and your teeth will all look the same color when completed. Additionally, dental bonding offers other benefits too, including that it helps reduce sensitivity with teeth.

If your teeth look dull or discolored, you can seek help by visiting a dentist office like Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC. Cosmetic dentists offer a variety of services for discolored teeth and much more, and you can learn more by scheduling a visit with a dentist in your city.

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