Tips For Visiting The Dentist Together As A Family

If you have children, then working with a family dentist is often the best bet. Family dentists are equipped to treat patients of all ages, so you can often make back-to-back appointments and bring everyone to the dentist at once. This saves you some driving and makes scheduling easier, in general. However, there are a few tips you will want to follow when visiting the dentist together as a family.

Schedule your appointment before the kids' appointments

If your dentist likes to book individual appointment slots for each person in your family, try to schedule your own appointment first. Follow this up with the youngest kids' appointments, and then with the older kids' appointments. This plan gives your youngest kids the chance to watch you be treated first so that they are less nervous when they have their own teeth cleaned. At the same time, having the older kids wait to the end makes sure the young kids have their turn before their patience wears thin. The older kids can generally wait a little longer without getting impatient.

Come with your questions in-hand

Family dental appointments can get a little busy as you're getting your teeth cleaned one minute and supervising your kids the next. In all of this busyness, you don't want to forget any questions you had for the dentist. So, a couple of days before the dental appointment, sit down as a family and come up with questions you have for the dentist. If one kid wants to know why their gums hurt after brushing, write that down. If you want some suggestions for tooth-friendly snacks, write those down. This way, you can just hand the dentist your list of questions and get the feedback you need, no matter how busy the appointment gets.

Have everyone listen to the dentist's advice

Make sure your kids all know to listen to the dentist's advice, even when a different family member is in the chair. The advice the dentist gives to one sibling is often applicable to the others too since siblings tend to share a lot of dental predispositions and habits. For instance, if the dentist is explaining to one child how to better brush their back teeth, you and your other kids should also listen and assume the advice applies to you too.

Seeing a family dentist together is a great way to get your dental care. With the tips above, you can get a lot out of these appointments.

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