Would A Metal Crown Work For You?

You may think that metal crowns are no longer available, but some people still prefer them. Generally, most modern dentists use porcelain or similar tooth-colored material. But, you may be able to request a metal crown if you want. These metal crowns are different from the temporary stainless steel ones given to children or while you wait for your permanent one.

Here are some reasons why you might want a dental crown and some reasons why you should choose another material.

Metal Crowns Are Durable

One of the best selling points of a metal crown is that they are extremely durable. If you have a strong bite or grind your teeth, then this might be the best material for you. They are also known for their long life.

Metal Crowns Are Easy to Fit

Your dentist won't have to remove as much tooth material to fit a metal crown. In addition, metal crowns have little impact on the adjacent teeth. Other crown materials may rub or press against the neighboring teeth and cause damage.

Metal Crowns Include Gold Crowns

If you're someone who likes the look of gold in your mouth, then you can choose a gold metal crown. They are usually made of a gold alloy to give them more strength than pure gold. These gold crowns are just as durable and easy to fit as any other metal crown.

Metal Crowns Are Not Aesthetically Pleasing

The main disadvantage of metal crowns is that most people don't like the way they look. Metal crowns are very noticeable, especially if they're on a tooth near the front. If you want a metal crown, but don't like the way they look, put them on your molars.

Metal Crowns May Cause Allergy Problems

Metal allergies are a real thing, especially ones related to nickel. Most metal crowns are made with an alloy that includes this material. Therefore, anyone with a metal allergy should avoid these crowns. If you use them, your gums could respond with inflammation and itchiness, depending on your sensitivity. Consider opting for a different dental crown material instead.

Metal Crowns Darken as They Age

Metal crowns look shiny and polished when new. However, they tend to get darker as they get older. In the end, they could end up looking like a rotten tooth. If you want to avoid this, go with a different dental crown material.

These days, you have many choices as to what crown material you want. If you have a special need for a very strong crown, then metal might be the right choice. If appearance and a natural feel are more important, then other crown options may be better for you. Ask your dentist for more information about dental crown material.

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