Your Child's First Dental Visit

Once your child has a tooth or two, some dentists recommend that parents get the child accustomed to visiting the dentist. Problems caught early can be better rectified. To learn why early dental intervention is so important and how to manage your child's first visit, read on.

How do early dental visits benefit your child?

To understand how seeing the dentist soon after your child's first tooth erupts can benefit them, consider these benefits:

  • Your child won't be as anxious about visiting later if they are already accustomed to it.
  • You can get some tips on keeping your child's teeth clean.
  • Any problems can be spotted and addressed.
  • Having your child's molars sealed could help prevent cavities later.
  • Treating broken or decayed teeth right away can be very important.

Getting Ready for the Visit

The younger your child may be, the less traumatic it might be since young children are not aware of what is happening to a great degree. The closer your child is to age two, however, the more preparations you might need to do. To help with that, follow the below tips:

Familiarize Them with Dental Visits

You are sure to find a wealth of books and even toys aimed at young dental patients. Anything you can do to normalize the experience and make it fun will help your child be eager for their visit. You might also take part with your child in a bit of role-playing. Let them play the part of the dentist and the patient. Focus on what will happen at a typical first visit, including cleaning, X-rays, and formal examination.

Take Them Along

At your next cleaning and examination appointment, bring your child along. They can visit the office, meet the staff, and see that they have nothing to be anxious about. When it's their time for a visit, they are hopefully going to be excited rather than scared.

Lay the Groundwork

Schedule the first visit at a time when you have lots of time. Let your dental office know that this is your child's first time, and they can be prepared too. Make sure your child is not tired or ill at the time of the appointment. Plan an after-visit treat like a trip to the playground or the toy store after the visit.

Your dental office may have more ideas about making a good first impression on your child's first dental visit, so speak to them today.

For more information, contact a local family dentistry office.

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