The Benefits Of Full Arch Dental Implants Compared To Dentures Alone

If you only need to replace one tooth, a simple dental implant might do the trick. But if your top or bottom teeth are in bad shape, you might need to replace an entire arch with dentures. Today, it's possible to get full arch dental implants infused into your jawbone and then attach dentures onto the implants for a better fit. Here's why you should go with full arch implants in advance of getting dentures for your mouth.

Dentures Will Stay in Place

When you get traditional dentures without any support from implants, you may find that the dentures shift in your mouth when you talk or just move your head about during the day. When you get full arch dental implants put into place first, the dentures are securely attached to the implants and will have a much better chance of staying firmly where you need them to be. If you currently have dentures and have experienced a painful pinch or other uncomfortable feelings due to the dentures shifting around, getting implants into the jawbone to secure the denture attachment is likely a much better way to go.

No Issues Trying to Eat

When traditional dentures shift around, they can make you uncomfortable in general but mealtime in particular can be quite difficult. If you already have traditional dentures, you might already know to avoid certain foods because your dentures don't have the support or stability to handle harder or chewier foods without issues occurring. When you get the dentures supported by implants across the entire arch, you will be able to come closer to living a normal life at the dinner table, eating more of what you enjoy with fewer diet restrictions.

Avoid Bone Loss

When you go with traditional dentures alone, you will of course have to remove your remaining teeth across one or both arches. Removal of your teeth can cause your jawbone to start diminishing over time. When you put implants into place before attaching dentures, you are letting your body know that its jawbone needs to stay fully on the job. This will keep your entire mouth healthier and will also help you avoid having your jaw shrink down in size, altering your physical appearance.

If you need to replace teeth across an entire arch in your mouth, dentures are a common choice. But opt for full arch dental implants prior to getting those dentures attached and you'll likely have a much better experience across the board. For more information, contact a company like Mill Creek Dental.

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