How Do Same-Day Dental Crowns Save You Money?

If you have a same-day crown treatment, then you get your new tooth a lot faster. You don't have to schedule multiple appointments and wait for your crown to be made. The procedure is done in a day.

This isn't just more convenient than a regular procedure. It can also save you some money. How does this work?

You Don't Need More Than One Appointment

When you have a regular crown, you have to schedule at least two appointments. Your dentist has to make a mold, prepare your tooth, and fit a temporary crown. You then go back at a later date so that your dentist can remove the temporary crown and fit your permanent tooth.

Every appointment you have with your dentist costs you money. If you have a same-day crown, then all your work is rolled into one appointment. You take up less of your dentist's time, so your appointment charges will be lower.

You Use Fewer Treatments and Materials

During a regular crown procedure, your dentist uses more treatments and materials. For example, you might need multiple numbing injections during different appointments. You will pay for the temporary crown you wear until your permanent tooth is ready.

You have fewer treatments and use fewer materials when you have a same-day crown. You aren't likely to need more than one numbing injection. You don't have to pay for a temporary crown because you don't need to wear one. Your overall treatment and material costs won't be as high.

You Benefit From Onsite Crown Manufacturing

Dentists don't always make regular crowns in their offices. They order them from a specialist lab. Sometimes, you pay more for a regular crown than a same-day option because lab-milled crowns based on putty molds can take time to make.

If your dentist offers same-day crowns, then they make these teeth in their clinic. They use computer technology to model a crown rather than molds. These crowns take less time to make and have lower costs.

You Won't Lose as Much Work Time

If you have to schedule multiple appointments to have a traditional crown, then you lose more work time. If you work for yourself, then you won't earn any money whenever you have to attend an appointment. If you're employed, then your employer might not pay you for the hours you aren't at work.

So, you might have to deal with lost earnings as well as your dental costs. However, you can reduce these losses if you have a same-day crown. You only take time off work for a couple of hours on one day.

To find out more about same-day dental crowns, contact a local dental service like Varinos Dental Associates.

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