What To Expect For Same-Day Dentures Repair Service

If you have dentures, you probably already know how easily they can break. You will want to make sure that you are well prepared for the day when that happens. Then again, you might already have a crack or missing piece along the teeth of the dentures. Either way, you may want to take a glance at the following things you might expect when you go for same-day dentures repair service.

Examination To Determine The Need

There are a few ways in which a set of dentures is in need of repair. Breakage is one of them, but not the only one. Some people find that after wearing their dentures for years, that they no longer fit properly. This is because the shape of the jaw bones and the roof of the mouth can move some over the years. If your dentures are in good shape, they might be able to simply do a reline so the dentures fit better. If there does become a need to send the dentures off to a lab, the dentist might be able to fit you for temporary dentures. This way, you won't have to go without any teeth.

You Might Need To Leave And Come Back

Depending on the type of repair and the damage is extensive, you might be asked to leave the office and come back later in the day when the dentures are ready to go. This way, you will not be stuck sitting in their waiting room for a few hours. You can leave, go shopping, or even go home and wait for the time you are supposed to return. Of course, the smaller repair jobs can take so little time that you can just stay in the examination chair while the dentures are being corrected.

You Won't Need A Follow-Up Appointment

Since this is not a brand-new pair of dentures, you should not have to return for a check-up appointment. You can take your repaired dentures home and follow up later with your regular dentist if you feel you need to.

As you can see, the entire process is fairly simple and hassle-free. Even if you have to leave and come back in a few hours, that is much better than having to wait for an outsourced denture manufacturer since that can take weeks. Start your search now for a local denture repair office that offers same-day work.

For more information on same-day denture repair, contact a professional near you.

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